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Hydraulic Square Drive Wrench Hex Cassette torque wrench Battery nut runner RAD Air nutrunner

Hydraulic Torque Wrench & Air Nut Runner Supplier
Hire & Sales Hydraulic & Pneumatic Torque Wrench Multiplier
Delivered Australia Wide!

WREN Hydraulic Torque wrench Logo
WREN Square Drive Hydraulic High Torque Wrench Multiplier-
Range from 180 - 70,000 Nm
Sq Drives in 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" 2-1/2".
Pumps: 240 Volt and Air drive options.

RAD tools

RAD Torque Systems

Reversible Air Torque Wrenches ( Air Nut Runners Multiplier) offer the most versatile range, the highest power-to-weight ratio & non-impacting Controlled Bolting Solutions.

Action Impact Sockets

ACTION Impact Sockets

Thick Wall Impact Sockets individually or Sets. High torque Sockets designed for pneumatic, hydraulic Multiplier, electric & battery wrenches and nut runners for Controlled Bolting.

Square Drive Tool

The workhorse of Heavy Industry Maintenance

Best power-to-weight and accuracy of any Hydraulic Torque Multiplier

Solution for long studs and limited overhead space access. Like a Ringspanner Multiplier.

Low Profile Hex Cassette wrenches perfect driving big Allan key cap-screws.

Speed up maintenance and shutdown bolting applications.

Air Nut Runner Multiplier for Mining, Petrochemical and Earth Moving maintenance, NutRunner.

No air lines- No power cords- No hassles!

Unmatched power, VERSATILITY, reliability lightweight portable battery nut runner Multiplier Tool

Light, Compact, Reliable, designed specifically for double acting hydraulic Wrench

Proven in the mining and petrochemical industries.

High torque Impact Sockets designed for pneumatic, hydraulic multiplier, electric and battery wrench and air nutrunner.

With Magnetic Hold, truly Hands Free - designed specifically for safety & ease of use. Perfect to hold bolt end on Air Nutrunner or Multiplier wrench.

Socket measure torque directly on the bolt, with clear PASS or FAIL indicators. Fits direct to Air nutrunner or Multiplier Wrench.

Stores Torque Data for download to PC.


Hire Torque Tools Aust

Supplying specialised Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Multiplier and Pneumatic Nutrunners for: Mining & Quarry, Power Generation, Mineral Processing, Smelting and Refining, Oil and Gas, Civil and Structural Construction, Mechanical Installation, and Marine applications. The Hydraulic multiplier range offer the best power-to-weigh ratio of any Multiplier tool on the market. These tools are the Engineering workshops real workhorse. For maintenance and machine shutdown jobs these tools cut shutdown times dramatically. All maintenance whether simple lubrication or major total rebuilds can be enhanced with efficiencies from decreased downtime. Controlled bolting from a calibrated tool offers good OH&S results and major advantages over the physical labour of Flogging spanners.

HTTA offer Hire & Sales of Torque Multiplier tools and rent air nutrunner wrench. We have a Large selection of hand torque wrenches for rent. Our Pneumatic Nutrunner Multiplier wrench increase bolting speed and downtime. All hire wrench supplied with calibrated torque charts, Impact Sockets, Pumps, Hoses and packed into a weatherproof Site case.
Hire with Buy options are available. Many companies try a tool by hiring first, testing the tool on their application for strength, OH&S requirements, noise levels etc, then purchase.

Hydraulic Multiplier wrench are available from 20 to 1,5000 Ft Lbs. Square drives in 3/4" and 1" hand multipliers use anti-windup for ease of operation. Tools have both Ft Lbs and Nm scales. Manual Multipliers offer a much cheaper option but lack the production advantages of the powered tools. 

Supplying to QLD Queensland Brisbane Mackay WA Western Australia Perth Karratha NSW New South Wales Sydney Newcastle, throughout regional VIC Victoria Melbourne and throughout Tasmania. Tools delivered Australia Wide via Road Express or Air Express in weatherproof site cases.

We hire/sales high torque tools: Hydraulic Wrench, Impact Sockets, Porta Power, Pnumatic Nut runner wrench, Electric or Air operated Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Spanners, High Torque Multipliers, Lokrite Backup Nuts, RAD Smart Sockets, Transducers for nutrunner, extended reaction arms, Rams with hand pumps and more. WREN, RAD, Radical Solutions, Rapidtorc, Ingersol Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Action Impact sockets, Hytorc type wrenches: Contact Us

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