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for high torque Tooling

IBT3 hydraulic Wrench & Pump

Welcome to our in-field video & photo collection. In the Industry we get to see a lot of different requirements for Hydraulic Tools and Nutrunners.

Following is both in-field and demonstrations of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and manual Tools we Hire and Sell. Seeing tooling being operated in real time can help with what tooling suits your application. Send us your feedback on other info you would like to see or send footage of your tooling in operation. These Hydraulic multiplier Tool video and photos are a small sample of applications we have seen over the Years.

Should you see a Hydraulic Wrench Image among this collection similar to your needs, chances are we can help. Multiplier Photos in this collection are from all over Australia. Solutions for your industry are a phone call away. We offer Tooling in Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Multipliers. We also specialise in Hydraulic Jacking Rams, Pumps and Hoses and carry a large range of Impact Sockets. Enjoy viewing our Tools images collection.



Hydraulic Torque Wrench
Demonstration of the WREN 3 MXTA Hydraulic Torque Wrench on a CAT Vehicle. This 1" square drive Hydraulic tool offers great versatility and impressive power from a light, easy to handle Hydraulic Torque Wrench Multiplier.
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Torcotronic Torque Wrench
Demonstration of the Torcotronic Digital Torque Wrench (10 - 350 N.m)
High accuracy tool with memory (Data Collection) for Quality Audit and Production applications.
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RAD SMART Socket Video

RAD SMART Socket Demonstration used on a table top test bench using a DB-RAD battery Nut Runner to compare the Torque applied by the wrench through the SMART Socket.

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Video player is Loading Lokrite Demonstration

Using a Backup Nut Demo
Demonstration of using a Lockrite Backup Nut on a typical pipe Flange - easy hands free process

Air Nutrunner used is a RAD 25GX.
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Vertical Use - magnetic hold Demo
Embeded magnets in the Lockrite Backup Nut hold the Backup Unit in place, making it Hands Free for safe single person pipe Flange bolting application.

Pneumatic Nutrunner used is a RAD 25GX.

sea dock cranes coloured pipe flange
foundation bolts

Long Foundation BOLT

 The Hex Cassette multipliers are the perfect partner for these applications. Long thread Foundation Bolts are often studs which are chemically anchored or concreted into the ground, walls and ceilings. They are used in civil and mechanical construction to hold plant & materials in place. These might be building frames, Ball and Sag Mills, Rock Bolting of Ceilings in underground mines, Chair Lift uprights in the snow fields ...  etc.

The tool allows the long stud to pass through the tool. Correct torque on these structural bolts is important. These tools are light weight and small compared to conventional tooling. When working over head tooling needs to be light weight. To tighten or loosen the nut simply flip the Hex Cassette wrench over to work in reverse.

CAT truck big RAD tool on front wheel
Cap Head Bolts

Cap Head Screws.

The Hex Cassette tools are often best suited for Cap screws using hex key to eliminate any side loading. Hex Cassette link tools are designed for low clearance and long stud applications. The Hex Cassette Tool is a compact design, with particularly tough & proven materials and designs.

Sizes cover all the popular Cap Head Screw sizes in Metric & Imperial.

Industry examples for the Hex Cassette are: Mining, Mill Liners, Crushers, Wear Plate Bolts, Plastic injection clamps, Petrochemical Refineries Exchangers, Flanges, Pumps.  Power Station Turbines, Steam Pipes, Pumps, Quarries, Crushers.  Earthmoving Excavators, Slu Rings, Cat,  Komatsu etc.  Prep Plants, Malco / Honert Mechs. 

Factory RAD_25
Hire Torque Tools Aust offers the full range of High Torque tooling. This includes Hydraulic & Pneumatic torque wrenches, Manual Torque Multiplier and accessories. Airtools & nutrunners, hire Air Pneumatic Nut Runner, Torque Wrenches, Multipliers, Transducers and High-Torque Impact Sockets plus hand tools with Interchangeable Torque Heads.
Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we supply tools Australia Wide, even to that far off island Tasmania!

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