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Smart sockets

for accurate Data Collection & Bolting Assembly Reporting

RAD Smart Socket transducer
Revolutionairy socket for measuring torque directly on the bolt up to 10,800 Nm with accuracy of +/- 1%
Patented Technology!

  • Intelligent Sockets
  • Measures and displays peak torque
  • Build-in rechargeable battery
  • “Pass” or “Fail” indication function
  • Data logging – Reporting
  • Free software
  • Full traceability of bolted joints
Download Smart Socket
Download Smart Socket
Technical Article

Smart Socket Selection Chart

   - Other sizes are available as Custom Made to your needs.
SMART Socket sizes Part  SMART Socket
Torque Nm Weight Dimensions
Low High kg A B C D
18933 46mm 1" 100 2034 1.2 73mm 60mm 83mm 54mm
18931 50mm 1" 200 4050 1.4 86mm 64mm 85mm 54mm
18929 55mm 1" 200 4050 1.5 86mm 64mm 85mm 54mm
18768 60mm 1" 200 4050 1.5 86mm 64mm 85mm 54mm
19055 80mm 1-1/2" 500 10,800 4 116mm 83mm 115mm 86mm
SMART Socket Diagram
See Dimension Chart left.

SMART Socket Video

RAD SMART Socket Demonstration used on a table top test bench using a DB-RAD portable Nut runner to compare the Torque applied by the wrench through the SMART Socket.

Video player is Loading RAD SMART Socket Demonstration
RAD Smart Socket Notebook computer for Data Loging
Download Example Data Collection Screen

Uses RAD Torque’s transducer technology combined with custom sockets to measure the torque applied to the bolt during a torque cycle.

By innovative design, the Smart Socket is no larger than a standard socket. It’s compact size and innovative technology makes the Smart Socket a
perfect audit tool for inspecting bolted joints and can function as a master calibration for various torque tools.


SMART Socket in case


The RAD SMART Socket can be individually programmed to a set torque, gives a visable PASS or FAIL signal, then stores Data for 2000 Bolts ready for download into your PC.

External link:
Making bolting sockets smarter

Article for Windpower Online Magazine

RAD SMART Socket = Intelligent Sockets SMART Socket group with Reporting capability

  • Measures and displays peak torque
  • Build-in rechargeable battery
  • “Pass” or “Fail” indication
  • Data logging – download logs (XLS, CSV, PDF)
  • Free software included
  • Full traceability of bolted joints
  • Optional: Netbook, SDM calibration bench
  • Optional: Bluetooth connectivity

The RAD SMART Socket can be used with the versitile single speed RAD Nut Runners and 2 Speed models, along with Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Hydraulic Torque Spanners, plus Torque Multipliers and square drive T-Bar wrenches - or any high torque tool but not Impact Wrench.

See Battery Nut Runner for the ultimate
portable High Torque wrench.

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