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HYDRAULIC HIGH TORQUE WRENCH PUMPS:10,000 PSIHydraulic Torque wrench Pump

The 240 Volt KLW-4000 and Air driven KLW-4000N Hydraulic Wrench pump.

The KLW-4000 series high torque wrench pump are proven in the petrochemical mining and industries. Found throughout Australia in Mines & Power Stations, these pumps offer fast flow rates, less weight, and reliable continuous operation for all double-acting torque wrenches. Used by all the major wrench manufacturers as the preferred pump.
The Auto shift valve makes the pumps easy to use via the remote control.

Two options are available: 240 Volt over Hydraulic and Pneumatic over hydraulic. Both pumps run wrenches from 140 To 80,000 Ft Lbs

240 Volt Pumps for High Torque Wrench -

High Torque 10,000 PSI Pumps
240Volt Hydraulic Torque wrench Pump Pump Model KLW-4000 Remote 6m
Flow Rate 8.4 Lit / Min Regulator 1,200 - 10,000
Power 220 - 240 Volt - 50 Hz DBA 70 dba at 10,000 psi
Shift Valve Advance Auto Return Hydraulic Oil Viscosity 46
Sump 8 Lt Weight 29 kg without oil
Ports 4 Ports standard
(up to 8 Port available)
Roll Cage

Supplied Standard shown
(Heavy Duty - Optional )

Cooling Heat Exchanger    
Max Hydraulic Pressure 700 Bar / 10.000 psi - Regulated internally @ 10,000 psi Max Pump
Shift Valve
Advance 1,000 - 10,000 psi
Retract Auto 1,200 psi set -
Auto activated Via the Remote

4" Gauge
4" Gauge
Remote Control
Remote 6m

WREN sq drive torque wrenchThe Electric 240V KLW-4000 High Torque Wrench pump are fast, Light, Reliable, Compact, and supplied fully operational ready togo. Designed for double acting Torque Wrenches. The KLW-4000 Pump will run tools from 100 to 55,000 Ft Lbs. The 240Volt wrench pumps offer the best solution if air is un-available. No heating with oil heat exchanger to keep oil cool - ideal for long lasting production work .

The KLW-4000 Pump is quieter, faster and more responsive than older pumps. The 3 stage Hydraulic Pump means when the wrench is unloaded during retract or pre-torque, the flow increases speeding up the low-pressure cycle. This is particularly evident on larger high torque IBT 5, and bigger tools with large capasity pistons.

Setting The regulator for the advance pressure guage is simple and easy. 2 turn winding the regulator up and down. Pressure is set accurately within 2 rotations from 1000PSI to 10,000PSI and you're ready to go.

The Pump Remote is a good size and weight. Top button starts/stops the pump, the second button advances the wrench when pressed. When released, the auto retract the wrench.

These pumps offer great balance of size, speed and power. The smal size make for easy carry into anywhere or into difficult access areas.

Heavy Duty Shipping containers for weathproof Site Boxes are available.

Oil Cooler
Oil Cooler
4 ports
4 Port Couplers
Oil Level sight Glass
Oil Level Gauge
Download Hydraulic Pump Flyer  Download WREN Hydraulic Pump Manual

Pneumatic - Air Driven Pumps -

10,000PSI High Torque
Air driven Hydraulic Pump Pump Model KLW-4000N Hydraulic Oil Viscosity 46
Flow Rate 7 Lit / Min Roll Cage Supplied as shown
( Heavy Duty - Optional )
Air Flow Requirement 4-6 Bar / 60 - 100 PSI @ 25 - 35 CFM Air Lubro / Water Trap Supplied standard 3/8 nsp inlet
DBA 70 dba at 10,000 psi Remote 6m
Shift Valve Advance Auto Return Weight 21 kg + oil
Sump 9 Lit Regulator 1,500 10,000
Ports 2 Ports standard
(4 port if required)
Max Hydraulic Pressure 700 Bar / 10.000 psi - Regulated internally @ 10,000 psi Max
Cooler Internal -Imput Air circulated through sump via heat exchanger Pump
Shift Valve
Via Remote - Advance 1000 - 10,000 psi / Retract Auto 1,200 psi set

4" Gauge
4" Gauge
Remote Control
6m Remote

WREN sq drive torque wrench KLW-4000N Air Driven High Torque Wrench Pumps Compact,
Fast, Reliable and supplied ready to work. Designed to work using a low air flow and 100PSI pressure The KLW-4000N pumps operate tools from 100 to 50,000 Nm. Pumps driven by air are a perfect problem solver if electricity is un-available or not safe to use. Over heating is solved by the inflow air moving over the oil and work best for long/big production jobs.

The Pump Remote is perfect size and dimensions. Top button starts and stops the pump. The second button advances the hydraulic wrench forward when pressed. Then released to auto retract. Hydraulic Torque Wrench.

The KLW-4000N is quieter and more responsive than the older pump designs. The 3 stage Hydraulic Pump means when the tool is un-loaded during retract or pre torque, The faster flow increase speeds up the low-pressure retract cycle. This is particularly evident on high torque IBT-25 and above with larger oil capasity piston size.

The Regulator is set to increase the Pressure, thus increase the torque. Simple winding the regulator up and down. The pressure is set accurately within two rotations from 1000 - 10,000 psi and your tool is ready to work.

These newer pumps are so much better than the older models. The Heat exchanger keeps the oil cool and flows at high levels. They can work all day, every day.

Weatherproof Site containers are optional.

Air filter lubro
Air Dryer / Lubro
4 ports
4 Port Couplers
Oil Level sight Glass
Oil Gauge Level

Twinline Hose Sets for High Torque Pump & Tools

twinline hydraulic hose set
All High-Torque hoses are rated to Minimum 4:1 - that means 10,000 PSI Pump working pressure, with 40,000PSI burst limit.
This is standard requirement for any double acting wrench system. Hoses are twinlines, come with standard 1/4" screw couplers + fittings. Pump Hoses are assembled, bleed and tested and with Hydraulic Test tags before delivery. All hoses are tagged and marked - "High Torque HOSE" - Safety first with High Pressure Equipment at all times.
Damaged Hoses are not to be repaired - all damaged hoses must be discarded and replaced with new.
Description High Torque Hose set
Type 1/4" Twin Line - Steel Braid
Rated 4:1 10,000 Working Pressure

1/4" Screw Ball connect
( 2 female + 2 Male ) Supplied

Hose Guards Supplied
Hydraulic Test Tag Supplied
Lengths 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 15m
Colour Yellow
Weight 4.7 kg for 5m Hose
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Weatherproof Shipping Containers - 240V or Pneumatic Hydraulic Pumps


Offering maximum versatility with Reliable, Fast proven in the field. 240 Volt or Pneumatic Hydraulic Pump Power Packs come with Pressure Gauge, Regulator, Couplers & Oil, 3 metre Remote Control. Ready to go.

Both Pumps fit in our Shipping Containers along with theTorque Wrench, Torque Chart, Hose, and sockets.

2 port & 4 port & 8 port -These High Torque Wrench Pumps are set up to run Hydraulic Torque Spanner Square Drive and Hex Cassette Hydraulic Spanner type wrenches. The Electric 240 Volt Driven High Torque Wrench pumps are the most popular, fast, Compact, Reliable, and supplied full of Oil ready to go.

The Shipping Containers are heavy duty plastic boxes with a water tight seal. Strong handles on each side collapse into a cavity for ease of storage and stacking. Locks can be fitted with simple cable ties or keyed padlocks. Our Pumps are so much better than everyone elses Pumps. I dont know why you would buy any other!

We deliver all our Pump Equipment no matter where you are in Australia.

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