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BUYING a Hydraulic Torque Wrench

There are many different types of hydraulic torque wrench available, but the choice of torque wrench WREN Hydraulic Torque wrenchtype and ancillary equipment depends on the application. We explain some key aspects to consider when purchasing the right torque wrench for your application.

Consider the accuracy and speed of operation that is needed for a project. It is best to choose a tool that gives constant torque output to provide high accuracy throughout its full stroke, as with the IBT Series square drives from WREN.

Consistent torque from one bolt to the next is crucial for applications ranging from fixed plant to earthmoving equipment, especially equipment under pressure, such as flanges and pipelines. Any bolt that may come loose causes downtime and maintained can cause failures in equipment. Where a large number of fasteners must have equal strength, tools such as the WREN Low profile Hex Cassette wrenches and IBT Square Drive units have precise repeatability across their entire range of torque.
The latest Hydraulic Torque Wrench do not incur a weight penalty, because even small increases in weight become larger when the same job is repeated again and again. To prevent Operator fatigue and Safety risks, choose a tool with weight-to-power, ergonomics, frequency of use and manoeuvrability around the job. Compare technologies, the low profile Hex Cassette Hydraulic wrenches for low clearance bolting applications and the versatile IBT series of Square Drive wrenches.

Hex Cassette Low Profile Hydraulic Torque wrenchGenerally, a Hydraulic torque wrench should have 50 per cent more capacity than required for a particular application. That leaves a capacity in reserve when necessary for cracking difficult bolted joints. For heavy applications, wrenches of twice the capacity are sometimes used.

As far as available working space is concerned, when height is sufficient, the Square Drive Unit will be most satisfactory. But if height is limited, a low profile is often the only Tool that will work. Through application of light, high-tech materials for wrench housing, the WREN torque wrenches are extremely compact. Their ratchet system has fine toothing, enabling high precision and prevents jamming. The double-acting cylinders give precise torque at high operating speeds. The compact high pressure design enables a high torque/weight ratio and offers more power reserve during operation. The swivel coupling can be turned 360 degrees at high pressure, so that the hoses can be set in any position. This is very important when working in tight spaces. Furthermore, the advantage of the Hex Cassette (Hydraulic Spanner type) and sleeve adapters is that these can be make one Cassette Tool fit up to 4 AF sizes.

Compact and portable WREN Electric Hydraulic Pumps are often the speediest and most efficient solution for jobs 240V is available. Purpose-built bolting pumps such as the WREN KLW-4000 has pendant control for the safety of remote operation where required.   When 240V power is a problem, the Air Driven WREN KLW-4000N is the pump of choice.Hydraulic Torque Wrwench Pump

With all selections of tools for use in remote, rugged and high-safety environments, correct training is essential to get the best precision, efficiency and safety from tools.  Hydraulic Torque Wrench Tools are very powerful and can be unforgiving when misused.

It is important to service tools after use. Even the best tool is useless if it has to wait weeks for service. Hire Torque Tools can provide Support and Service for all its WREN Hydraulic Torque Wrench range, backed by a national sales and service network that extends into every corner of Australia.

 Your Hydraulic High Torque Wrench, Multiplier or Hex Cassette Low Profile tool purchase should last you many years if properly Serviced and cared for. Any Tool can fail when misused and Technical Training is a must for all operators. Respect the power of Hydraulic Equipment and you will receive years of hard work from it!

Hire & Sales - Based in Melbourne Victoria, we Deliver Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & Air Nut Runners across the country - Australia Wide!

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