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2 Speed RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrenches


(air Nut Runner)

high speed RAD 20DX-2
RAD 2 Speed Air Nut Runner
RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrenches: speed up maintenance & shutdown high torque applications.

Delivered Aust Wide
  • Automatic 2 speed gearbox technology for high-speed rundown and single sequence precision tightening.
  • Smooth high-speed operation and high torque low speed for precision tightening.
  • Faster run down on time sensitive bolting applications reaching speeds as high as 85 RPM.
  • Stall type tool capable of accuracy of +/-5%, and repeatability of +/-2%.
  • Torque Range: 350-2500 ft/lbs.
Download RAD 2 Speed
Nut Runner Flyer
Download RAD User Manual


Automatic Two Speed Technology High RPM Single Sequence Bolting Fast Rundown - Precision Tightening

2 Speed RAD Air Torque wrench

RAD Tool
Sq Drive  Tool Torque Output RPM
Torque Ft Lbs  Torque NM 
10GX-2 3/4" 350-1000 450-1350 85 4.5 kg
15DX-2 1" 500-1500 700-2000 50 4.7 kg
25GX-2 1" 700 - 2500 950 - 3400 44 7.5 kg
Torque Multiplier barrel is longer to accommodate the automatic 2 speed gearbox
wheel reaction arm
RAD Reaction Bars & Custom fittings
for every high torque application - see more

The Total Torque Solution!

ALL RAD Torque Tools include
hoses, & torque charts, in a weatherproof shipping case.

Delivered Australia Wide

Your High Torque Solution
all in one box!

RAD Shipping box Download RAD Regulator & Cradle
RAD Pneumatic Torque Multipliers, Electric Torque Wrench tools and Battery Torque Nut runners - The World Leaders 
  • Fast RAD Torque Nut Runners are the solution for high torque applications needing up to 2" of thread run down.
  • Smooth continuous flow of controlled torque with no destructive hammering like Impact Guns - Rattle Gums.
  • Highest Power-to-Weight ratio of any air Torque Wrench tool.
  • Torque range of 75 Nm to 11,500 Nm
  • Capable of accuracy of +/-5%, and repeatability of +/-2%

RAD tools are Lighter, Faster, Smaller and tougher than any other. Extremely versatile air torque wrench that is the tool of choice for extreme duty use in medium & heavy industries.

Torque range of 50 ft-lbs. to 8,500 ft-lbs.
Square Drives from 3/4" to 1-1/2" Sq Dr.

A total high torque hire solution!
Our RAD Torque Tool hire with AIR REGULATOR & LUBRICATOR, hoses, Impact Sockets & torque charts.

RAD pneumatic torque wrenches deliver powerful, accurate & safe torque through lightweight and ergonomic hand held pistol grip tools.


RAD Air wrench

See also the full range of versitile single speed RAD Nut Runners.

RAD 18V Battery Air torque wrench

See also Battery Nut Runner for the ultimate portable High Torque wrench.

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