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Impact Sockets

- Hire & Sale

Socket Square Drives

3/4”,  1”,  1-1/2”  and  2-1/2”
Impact Sockets

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3/4" Sq Dr Socket Sets
1" Sq Dr Socket Sets

DownloaThis Months Specials:
Socket Specials PDF

Standard & Deep Sockets

6 & 12 Point

A/F Sizes

1/2” to 6-7/8” (Imperial)
12mm to 150mm (Metric)

High quality Impact Sockets imperial and metric. The sockets are specifically designed for use with hydraulic, electrical torque wrenches and pneumatic, air nutrunners. All high torque tool applications must use only Impact Sockets. These have an thicker wall thickness for strength and durability. Impact Sockets are made high strength alloy steel, then heat treated for the combination of impact resistance strength and toughness. Sockets are plated & black oxidize coated.

HIRE of Individual Impact Sockets - 6 POINT HEX HEAD- Metric & Imperial

Impact 6 Point
6 Point Impact Sockets

AF HEX SIZES: 19mm to 210mm Metric   :   3/4" to 8" Imperia  - all AF sizes  ( AF = Across Flats)

SQUARE DRIVE SIZES : 1/2"   :   3/4"   :    1"   :    1-1/2"   :     2-1/2"
SUITABLE FOR: Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Multipliers, Pneumatic Nut Runners and Impact Tools,

PDF Sets Catalogue 1/2" & 3/4" Drive Impact Metric & Imperial Standard

6 Point impact sockets are the Industry standard configuration socket. The length is designed for a normal sized nut with a small amount of excess bolt thread. The drive or input side is female square drive. As the socket size increases, Sq Drive size increase to accommodate additional torque. All sockets offer relieved corners and pin-hole retainer options. Socket sizes are identified by engraved text/numbers.


IMPACT SOCKETS - DEEP / LONG REACH - 6 Point Hex - Individual or sets

Impact Deep Reach
6 Point Deep Impact

IMPACT SOCKET 6 POINT - DEEP / LONG- Deep Impact Sockets offer additional length or depth to match more specialized applications. Deep Impact sockets provide more depth in the hex and hollow of the socket. Deep Impact Sockets are used to allow longer bolt thread to fully engaging the nut, where standard impact sockets would prevent this.

SUITABLE FOR: High Torque Hydraulic wrenches, Impact Tools, Pneumatic Nut Runners and Torque Multipliers.

SQUARE DRIVE SIZES : 3/4"  -  1"  -   1-1/2"

A/F HEX SIZES: 20 - 125mm ( 3/4" to 4-3/4" a/f ) Across Flats - Metric & Imperial

1/2" & 3/4 Drive Impact Sockets PDF Catalogue 6 Point Metric / Imperial ( Standard & Deep Reach )
Custom 1" Drive Set Impact Sockets PDF 6 Point, Metric and Imperial ( Std & Deep )


IMPACT IN-HEX DRIVERS - Individual or sets

In Hex Impact

IN HEX IMPACT SOCKETS - HEX DRIVERS - for driving Socket Head Cap Screws.
Available in Metric and Imperial. Inhex Impact drivers are perfectUnbrako socket head high tensile cap screws.

With bigger size hex-key applications we recommend High Torque Hex Cassette tools thus reducing side loading at high torques.

SUITABLE FOR ALL - Impact Tools, Multipliers, Pneumatic Nut Runners & High Torques.
SQUARE DRIVE SIZES : 1/2"  -  3/4"  -  1"  -  1-1/2"

A/F HEX SIZES: 15 to 55mm ( 5/8 to 2-3/16" ) Male Hex- Metric & Imperial

Available in a Set Case

We recommend Impact Sockets for High Torque applications (9001/2000 Australian approved).
Sockets come in 6 & 12 Point, standard and deep, up to 6" a/f.     Square Drives 3/4" up to 2-1/2" Used on Torque Multipliers, Hydraulic Torque Tools, air Pneumatic Nut Runners, plus RAD tools and all high torque tool applications. Impact Socket Accessories include Extension Bars, Reducers, Adaptors and Uni Joints. Most accessories should not be used on high-torque application tools.

Accessories like Extension Bars and Uni Joints are not to be used on Hydraulic square drive tools, as they are a safety risk under strain


impact reducer1/2 to 3/4
Reducer / Adapter
Available in
a Set Case

Impact Reducers provide male/female square drive combinations . We carry stock of Square drive step-up adaptors across 3 workshops Australia wide. From 1/2 to 2-1/2" drive.

Impact Reducers now available in many new combinations.
Example:   1" Female to 1-1/2" Male
               1-1/2" Female to 1" Male



reducer top hat
Reducers - Sq Drive Top Hat -
Available in
a Set Case

IMPACT REDUCER INSERTS - Only reducing the sq drive DOWN a size. Has magnetic base to hold to socket.

SUITABLE FOR: Pneumatic Nut Runners and High Torques, Impact Tools, Torque Multipliers,

1/2" Fem to 3/4" Male    -   3/4" Fem to 1" Male   -  1" Fem to 1-1/2" Male


REDUCERS - HEX Cassette Tools

Reducer Hex Impact
Reducers Hex - Impact

See More - Torque Hex Cassette Wrench


The Hex Inserts can be used inside sockets or High Torque Hex Link Cassette / Ring Spanner Hydraulic Torque Wrenches


impact Uni Joint
Universal Joint Impact -


UNI JOINTS Available in 1/3" & 1" & 1-1/2" drive.
Suited for impact wrenches only. Where access is limited the Uni Joints can be used. For getting power into corners and recesses to loosen and tighten bolts. Impact Universal Joints are designed tough and to withstand Impact guns in heavy industrial applications.

Not to be used on Hydraulic Torque Tooling.

Available in a
Set Case
Come in 3/4" : 1" : 1-1/2"   Square Drive Impact Universal Joint


Hex Allen Key
Hex Allen Key

Hex Key High Tensile - Allen

HEX KEY We hire and supply of Hex key from 16mm up to 48mm to suit Umbreko Cap Screws. Hex keys can be driven via Impact Sockets or Hex Cassette Tools. In the Bigger hex-key sizes we use a High Torque Hex Cassette tool - works best to help stabilize side loading and minimize stress on the tool.



Impact Sockets

Impact Extension Bars

IMPACT EXTENSIONS are available in several lengths and square drive configurations. Designed to help access those hard to get to places.

Square Drive Sizes: 1/2,  3/4"  1" & 1-1/2"

SUITABLE ONLY FOR: Impact Tools, Torque Multipliers and Pneumatic Nut Runners.
                       Not suitable for use on Hydraulic Torque wrenches.




Impact Sockets
Slogging Spanners



Ideal as back up wrenches or as a slugger. Imperial & Metric. Specializing in Larger sizes.


LOKRITE Backup Wrench

Lokrite Backup wrench
LOKRITE Backup Wrench


Hands Free Backup Nut for High Torque applications. No Pinch Points - reduces Hand Injuries
Magnet grip holds Backup Nut in position. These Promote safe bolting with Lokrite Back-up Nuts and enhance speed of a project.


retaining rings
Retaining Rings

RETAINING RINGS: offer a safe secure method to keep Impact Sockets secured. Replaces pins and rubber rings. The internal pin will show wear when sockets are old and damaged


Impact Set 3/4" std
10pc Impact Socket Set
1" socket set impact for torque wrench
1" Custom Impact Socket Set
Hex driver set for Nut runners
Hex Driver Socket sets


Square Drive Impact sockets, regardless of their 3/4”,  1”,  1-1/2”  and  2-1/2” play an important role in completing maintenance operations. When the incorrect Sockets is stopping maintenance dont compromise - use only Impact Sockets for all High torque tool applications.
Deep Impact Socket have extra length to pass over long threads and can used to extend a Bolt for use as a Reaction Point. In 6 and 12 Point styles.
Sockets for Impact Guns are not required to be as strong as those for Pneumatic Nut Runners. Torque Multipliers plus Hydraulic Torque Wrenches (Hydraulic Spanners). The extra strengh of Impact Sockets cater to the high forces that a high torque tooling requires.

We specialize in Large Impact sockets. Powerful high torque tools are now available well over 50,000 Ft Lbs in 1-1/2 and 2-1/2" square drives, so we carry big size high torque sockets. we can supply any Size usually within 24 hours notice.

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