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RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrench


(air Nutrunner)

RAD pneumatic nut runner
RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrench with standard Reaction Arm.
Air Torque Wrench: speed up maintenance & shutdown bolting applications.

All Tools Delivered Aust Wide
RAD air nut runner
Single Speed
Air Nutrunner
RAD 2 Speed Air Torque Wrench
2 Speed
Air Nutrunner
Digital RAD Digital Battery Nut Runner
Digital Battery
Reaction Arm Options
Reaction Arm Options

RAD Pnuematic Tool regulator and lubricator

RAD Battery Torque Multipliers, Electric and Pneumatic Torque Wrench & Air Nutrunner - World Leaders 

RAD-Pneumatic Wrench & Air Nutrunner are planetary gear reduction torque multipliers designed to deliver the most powerful, accurate and safe load of any multiplier on the market today. Our product lines, which include 2-speed pneumatic, electronic, electric, battery powered tools, and Smart Sockets are capable of achieving output values up to 8,500 ft.lbs with an accuracy between 3 – 5%.

Pneumatic tools use an Air / Lubro unit between the Tool and the air supply, as seen above. These units provide 3 main functions.

There are many types of reaction arms to enhance the tools usability. Long arms are common for jobs that are unable to secure a reaction using the standard arm. Pneumatic Wrench Applications like Mill Liner bolts, Dozer Tracks, Bridges, Crushers are some of these. Also extended noses fit direct to Tools to allow access to very deep bolts such as those on heavy earthmoving equipment wheel nuts. The Extension Noses can have Reaction Arms at the Square Drive end or Tool.


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