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Calibration of Hydraulic Torque Wrench -

The Importance of Calibration

Instrument calibration is the primary process used to maintain torque tool accuracy.

All calibration equipment and all Multiplier Torque Tools with an adjustable torque readout, ie. scale, dial or digital, require recalibration to asure the user’s bolting process and accuracy are within the agreed limits. Agreed tolerance of + or - 5% . Standard practice (as set out in ISO 6789:2003) is to re-calibrate every 12 months or every 5000 Tool cycles, whichever occurs first.

Hire Torque Tools Aust (HTTA) are equipped to offer Calibration Certificates for Hand Multipliers, manual Torque Wrenches, Hydraulic Multipliers and Pneumatic Nut runners. Performing all Calibration Certificates by NATA accredited calibration facilities. We also offer tool condition reports & assessments.

Calibration of Torque Multipliers: It is important to recalibrate a manual torque-Wrench to a specific Multiplier. In most cases a typical 5:1 Multiplier may not produce an exact 5:1 result. Mainly due to friction through the gears and bearing surfaces, as these wear with use, the true Multiplier values will change. ReCalibrating the two units together to produce a torque-chart is the only way to ensure the accurate output of the tools..

ReCalibration of Pneumatic Nut Runners: Air torque Tools are calibrated using a run-Down fixture. Because a Nut Runner is a "stall type tool" the run-Down Fixture allows the tool to be running prior to its stall point. Usually the stall point is reached with the tool slowing down just pior to complete stall (stop) Measuring torque in this very practical way duplicates the actual workshop situation. That duplication is critical for pneumatic nutrunners to ensure accurate readings.

ReCalibration of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: These tools come in Square drive and Low Profile hex cassette link formats. HTTA are equipped with hex adaptors and specialise tool fittings to cater to this type of calibration. Hydraulic tools are static Torque tested: The reading is taken at the first stall point. 5 readings are collected at each value to produce a mean-average of the tools output. HTTA perform these procedures in line with Australian standards. HTTA can provide calibration services to all Brands of Hydraulic Multipliers.

Servicing Hydraulic & Pneumatic: We recomend all Multiplier tools be serviced prior to calibration to check for damage and refresh lubrication levels. HTTA have broad experience and workshop service facilities in this area to provide a comprehensive Tool Condition Report pior to reCalibration.

Best results are achevied by testing a Multiplier Tool as part of its complete system. This means a Hydraulic Torque Multiplier should be Recalibrated using its own Hydraulic Pump and Hose . That's the same Pump & Hose that would be used when its in your workshop. If your Pumps Guage is incorrect, then your Tools torque-values will also be incorrect. The same applies to Pneumatic Nutrunners. The tool, Hose & Air Regulator should all be tested as part of the Recalibration.

With each Multiplier tool calibration you get:

  • Calibration Certificate through NATA accredited calibration facilities.
  • Fast and accurate calibration using state of the art equipment
  • Bolt tool calibration services for all makes and models of hydraulic and pneumatic tools (up to 55,000 ft lbs.) and pressure gauges (10,000psi)
  • Affordable service
  • Quick turnaround
All tools become worn-out and less accurate over time. With the help of HTTA's tool calibration technicians, your tools are diagnosed, repaired, and calibrated quickly and accurately, so you can get back to work!

If you have questions or need with your tools, give us a call! We’ll help you to get the job done right!


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