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Calibration of Hydraulic & Air Torque Tools -

What is Calibration and Why is it so Important?

Calibration can be defined as a match between measurements made by different tools or mechanisms.
This 'match' can be one of scale or accuracy made or a set of measurements from one piece of equipment and another set of measurements made in a similar way with a second piece of equipment. Any piece of equipment with the known accuracy is called the "Standard" from which other equipment can be matched with.

Manufacturers of Hydraulic Torque Tools decide on the measurement criterion plus recommend the frequency and level of calibration, working with industry requirements and how frequent the device is used and the type application. The "Standards" may differ from country to country depending upon the kind of industry. Within Australia Hire Torque Tools Vic uses equipment which has been calibrated by NATA accredited calibration facilities (and is therefore traceable to national standards of measurement) We can calibrate all types of tooling regardless of manufacture.

Calibration is sometimes regarded as including the process of "adjusting the output" of a hydraulic or Air operated Torque wrench to match with a specific value of an applied standard. This 'match' will be within a specified range of accuracy. However this is really two processes: calibration and adjustment. It is important therefore to understand exactly what service you require.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are well known for their reliability to hold accuracy. It is one of the fundamental aspects of any hydraulic device. The Typical hydraulic-Mulitplier can expect to hold its accuracy to within a + or - of 5%. We've had Wrenches that have returned for Calibration year after year, and their Calibration "Match" may have moved a little, they still hold to be within a + or - of 5% target accuracy.

Why is Calibration So Important?Norbar Calibration Equipment

Calibration defines the quality of measurements and the accuracy of those measurements that are recorded using a typical piece of tooling. Over time there is a tendency for results and accuracy to ‘drift’ a little. As long as the Tooling holds to a + or - of 5% accuracy, then your Tool can be believed and confidently said to be "Calibrated".

To be confident in your measured results, you must service and maintain the calibration of equipment. This would typically be every 12 months, throughout the Tools lifetime for reliable, repeatable and accurate Torque-control measurements.

The main goal of calibration is to remove any measurement uncertainty. Part of attaining that certainty is by making sure of the accuracy of the Test Equipment the Air nutrunners and Multipliers are matched against.

Hire Torque Tools are fully equipped to faithfully carry out Calibration on Hand Multipliers, Hydraulic and pneumatic Wrench and manual Torque Wrench. Over 20 years experience offering torque calibration, Torque certificates and a tool condition assessment. Your Calibrated Tool give you the confidence that any errors or uncertainties in measurements are kept to acceptable levels.

In summary, Calibration is deeply important wherever Wrench measurements are important. Correctly Calibrated Tools enables users and businesses to have confidence in the bolting results that they control. 

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