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RAD Digital Battery
        Nut Runner


(battery torque wrench!)

Digital Battery RAD Torque wrench
Reaction Arm OptionsReaction Arm Options
RAD air nut runner
Other RAD Air
Nut Runners

Programmable Digital battery torque wrench with pistol grip!
No air-lines!    No power-cords!      No hassles!

Download RAD Battery
Nut Runner

Download RAD Models & Applications
Tool Model Drive Size Tool Torque Output RPM Weight Noise Level
Torque Ft Lbs Torque NM
DB-RAD 500 0.75 in. 150-500 ft/lbs. 200-675 Nm 26 5.8 Kg 80 db
DB-RAD 1000 0.75 in. 250-1000 ft/lbs. 350-1350 Nm 12 5.2 Kg 80 db
DB-RAD 1500 1.0 in. 500-1500 ft/lbs. 675-2000 Nm 8 5.3Kg 80 db


No Air-Lines!
No Power-Cords!
No Hassles !

The new Digital B-RAD Tool is a world's 1st PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL and Cordless, Pistol Grip Torque Wrench with Lithium-ion power.

The digital display gives single increment set torque. The color screen and keypad gives unmistakable visual OK status with LED light indicators. It Features integrated calibration, and a dual scale reading: Nm and Ft.Lbs
Powered by lithium-ion battery

The DB-RAD Series of digital battery powered torque wrenches are ideal for any application, especially where compressed air or electricity are not readily available.

Just imagine this movement freedom...
Unmatched VERSATILITY and power,
with reliability within a lightweight, highly
portable tool.

A "Stall" type tool easily capable
of +/- 5% accuracy & +/- 2% repeatability.

RAD Battery NutRunner Flyer

Digital Battery RAD Torch Wrench

All DB-RAD Torque Tools come calibrated complete with:
• Torque Tool
• Two 18 Volt Lithium Ion Batteries
• Reaction Arm and Retention Ring
• Calibration Chart
• Operators Manual
• Battery Charger
• Weather-proof Storage Case

All Digital DB-RAD battery torque series wrench comes calibrated individually traceable to the NIST standards. thus you're ensured the best quality of accuracy and measurement.

RAD® wrenches use "planetary gear" reduction torque multiplier created to give the most accurate, powerful and safe torque bolting of any torque multiplier in the market available today. RAD products include electronic, electric, pneumatic and battery engineered tools, capable to achieving torque ranges up to 8,500 ft.lbs and accuracy between 3 to 5%.

RAD Distributors offer access to full selection of spare parts, service facilities, technical updates plus Torque Calibration services backed by the Importer and Available Australia Wide

Digital Battery RAD Nut Runner RAD: World Leaders in Digital Battery Driven Torque Multipliers, Electric Torque Wrenches and Pneumatic Torque Nut Runners

  • RAD Torque NutRunners are the solution for FAST torque applications for up to 2inches of thread run-down.
  • Smooth flow of continuous controlled torque completely eliminating the destructive hammering of Impact Tools.
  • Highest Power to Weight ratio of any air-powered Torque Wrench tool.
  • Torque range of 70 Nm. to 11,500 Nm.
  • Stall type tool capable of +/-2% repeatability and +/-5% accuracy
Digital Battery Torque wrench
Different Reaction Arms for Digital B-RAD Tools         - Other Types Reaction Arm
Standard Arm
Part No: 17375
(comes with tool)
Deep Socket
Part No: 18480
Arm Double Ended
Part No: 19094
Single Blank
Part No: 17888
Double Ended Blank
Part No: 19093

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