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Hydraulic Torque Multipliers - Hex Cassette Low Series

The Hex Cassette Hydraulic Torque multiplier offer extreme low clearance. These Hydraulic Torque multiplier tools offer a angle torque wrench solution. Industries like refineries and petrochemical now have simple hex cassette Hydraulic Torque multiplier solutions. In alignment with B7 torque tables these tool offer limited clearance features to solve access issues.

These Limited clearance hydraulic torque multipliers offer a ring spanner style tool with a radius similar to impact sockets. Hydraulic torque multipliers archive tight access areas so torque can be applied to bolting you may have thought previously impossible.

These Multipliers Tools are light weight, small and fast.

Hex Cassette Low Profile Hydraulic Torque wrench


The Durapac TW Series square drive hydraulic torque wrenches are compact, easy to use and versatile.

The titanium-aluminium alloy and super high strengthsteel alloy construction means increased strength and durability while minimising weight. TW-Series torque wrenches are available in 3/4" to 2 1/2" square drive models, with a torque range from 112 to 72000 Newton Metres. (83 to 53000 ft/lbs) All models are fitted with a ego degree swivel coupler and unique locking screw couplings.

  • Square drive 3/4" to 2 1/2"
  • Torque range 112 - 7200 Nm

Hydraulic wrenches as with all torque tools have a reaction arm. This arm is to push against a push off point or anchor point. The square drive wrenches come in 9 sizes covering from 200 to 50000 Ft Lbs. Each tool has a different size piston to facilitate higher torque outputs.

Pre Purchase considerations: What type of wrench. There are 2 types 1-Square Drive wrench 2- Hex Cassette hollow low clearance Wrench ... Torque Value required for torque ( Add 80% for undo ) ... Frequency of use / Production / Maintenance ... Air or 240 Volt powered pump ... Length of hose required ... Impact Sockets ... How many wrenches required ... Type of industry ... lock up shipping container

Benefits of Hydraulic Wrenches: Best Power to weight of any type Torque tools ... Lightest of any torque method ... Most accurate torque turn tool method ... Most robust and reliable available ... only hands free torque wrench option ... Smallest tool option, best access ...

Justification: Hydraulic Torque wrenches have been around for over 40 years. Heavy Industry has big bolts with high torques. These tools are simply a motor mechanics tool box for bigger trucks.... I guess we wouldn't ask a motor mechanic to remove an engine without his trusty 1/2 - 9/16 ring spanner. Hydraulic wrenches were develped for heavy industry bolting. Not so long ago fitters in mines and Phetrochemical plants were using 14lb Sledge hammers and Impact guns for maintenance.

These methods were Dangerous, Slow, and provided no Torque measurement. Hydraulic Wrenches offer great solutions and have changed everything. Applying "Torque" to bolting in particular has become 99% mandatory in industry now. Engineers need to know fastners are tightened within their designed range. In the past over and under tightening bolting created mechanical failures.

As we know Mechanical failures in production enviroments cost $$$$$. Often 100s or even thousands more than value of a hydraulic wrench. Worst case causing injury or death. Hydraulic Wrenches began here in Australia in the late 1980s with demand increasing every year since. They are now seen in almost every type of industry ..... Loco, Mining, Construction, Quarries, Plastic Injection, Aviation, Wind Farms, Shipping, Earth Moving machinery, Drilling, Manufacture, Processing plants .... Etc

This model uses Hex Cassettes or Ratchet Links. These are required when overhead clearance is minimal, and a thinner tool is required. They are also ideal for long studs as the stud passes through the tool.   Their are about 6 tool sizes  providing  from 200 - 32,000 Ft Lbs.  Hydraulic torque tools have the best torque accuracy and repeatability as they have less external variables.  For These tools + or - 3% or better is expected. Hydraulic tools are generally the more expensive option  but there  size , power to weight and torque accuracy advantages  make them popular. They cater from light right through to Heavy Industry. Hydraulic Hex Link cassette tools are the solution for long studs and tight access.  At TJ Tools  you can Rent  Torque Wrenches or Purchase.  Hex Cassette Link tools  from 20 To 165 mm a/f.  Torque from 255 To 31,800 Ft Lbs.  Hex Cassette or Link tools are ideal for pipe flanges, Slu Rings or any application where overhead access is limited. Size ,weight and torque accuracy advantages make these tools superior. Heavy  Industry rely on quality Ring Spanner style tooling.   Torque Charts are used to set the tools output. All tools come with a Torque Calibration Certificate.  High Torque Hex Cassette tools are used in Mines, Power Stations, Petrochemical Etc. 6 Models to choose from.


All Hydraulic Torque Multipler high torcs use reaction pawls to provide full ratcheting. This also allows the tool to ratchet without being held. Reaction pawls act like an anti-wind up device. It locks in behind each tooth of the ratchet as the gear rotates.The hose swivel adjusts Vertically and Horizontally to ensure the hoses can moved to the safest position. The Hex cassette tool is the ideal tool for High Pressure Flanges. Long studs create problems for even the deepest Impact Sockets. The Hex Cassette becomes the solution. The Hex Cassette tool reacts inline directly onto the next nut. This eliminates any side load forces. 90 degree pipe  flanges often result in minimal clearance over the studs this also is no challenge for the  Low tool. For critical joints 2 or 4 tools can used together to improve speed and even clamping load.


1 tool 2 tools 3 tools 4..... Hex Cassette torque wrenches can be easily set up to run off one pump. This provides even load or clamping pressure all applied simultaneously.

Following the first flange setting / assembly the pre torques may be inconsistent. When the multi torque tool system is applied it quickly evens out the uneven load. The tool with the least resistance will operate until pressure to the other tools equalizes. Then all the tools will operate together. No more guess work. This system is fast, simple to operate and achieves the ultimate solution to even flange load clamping pressure.

Limited clearance torque tools offer a ring spanner style tool with a nose radius similar to impact sockets. Tight access torque tools permit torque to be applied to bolting you may have thought previously impossible.


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