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Low Profile Hex Cassette torque

    Low Profile Hex Cassette
         Torque Wrenches

Low Profile Low Series Wrenches are the onlyl tool capable for limited clearance applications plus long bolt situations.

The versatile Low Series offers an extensive set of
interchangeable hex raducer links that extend 19mm to 165mm AF

Torque-range of 346Nm. to 46,000 Nm.

A total high torque hire solution!

Low Profile Torque Wrench hire with Hydraulic Pump, 6m hose, 
Calibrated Torque Chart & Impact Sockets in weatherproof Site Case.


AllT ools with Aust Wide Delivery

Hex Cassette Low Profile
Hydraulic Torque WrenchHex Cassette

WREN Hex Cassette Brochure

Model Hex Cassette AF Range Torque Output Weight
Imperial Metric Ft Lbs NM KG
2 3/4 - 2-1/4" 19-65mm 255 to 1710 346 to 2318 2
4 1" - 3-1/8" 34-85mm 430 to 4270 786 to 5226 4.4
8 1-5/8 - 4-1/8" 41-105mm 1143 to 8151 1100 to 11,000 9
14 2-1/2 - 5-3/8" 50-117mm 2011 to 13400 2725 to 18521 15
30 3-1/2 - 6-1/2" 85-175mm 4770 to 31800 6466 to 44590 35.5



WREN Hex Cassette Torque Wrench Hex Cassette Long Bolt Hex Cassette Low Profile Torque wrench

Low Profile Hex Cassette Torque Wrenches offer the flexability to go where other Torque Wrenches cannot.

Long Bolts:
are near impossible to apply high torque to without the Ring Spanner design of the Hex Cassette. First run the nut down the thread by hand, slip the Cassette over the thread anm onto the nut, just like you would with a Ring Spanner, the Hydraulics turn the nut up to your set Hydraulic pressure - job done!

Tight Space around the nut: when tiny spaces next to housings barey fit a socket, the thin wall of the Low Profile Wrench slides over the nut when no other tool will!

Hydraulic Torque Multipier Hex Cassette low profile models allow many solutions for pressure pipes, flanges & heat-exchangers within the refinery industry. The Low Profile tool allow limited clearance solutions to access issues.

The LOW Series range of Hex Cassette Hydraulic Torque wrenches utilises the latest designs and are made to highest engineered standards. Offering a safe and versatile system. Manufactured from the latest aluminium alloys torque wrench range is built to last a lifetime of service. Torque wrenches are suitable for continuous use at maximum pressure; improving work efficiency and performance. The Low Series range of 6 models is the largest range available; covering torques from 246 Nm to 43,000 Nm and covers most bolt sizes in the Australasian market. The Low Series range is backed up by a full warranty and spare parts service.

Video of a Pipe Flange being tightened with a WREN Hex Cassette Tool.


Hex Cassette Torque tool Total hire Solution
All our Torque Wrenches come with Hydraulic Pump, either 240V or Air , 6m Hose,
Calibrated TorqueChart & Impact Sockets = delivered in a Lockable Case

All Toolboxes Australia Wide Delivery

torque wrench shipping box Weatherproof Case


Hex Reducers or InsertsHex Cassette Torque Wrench Reducer

Hex Reducers can be used to reduce the a/f size of a cassette link, thus expanding the range of sizes a single Hex Casette Link can for.

The standard tool hex cassette offers a nose radius similar to impact sockets. The small radius ensures the tool can access tight applications like pipe flanges. The reducers can be secured with a retainer if required (see pic).

NOTE: When selecting reducers ensure your Tool radius clearance will still permit hex cassette access. By using a Insert you INCREASE the tool nose radius, thus requiring MORE space to fit the tool.

Download Low Profile Hex
Cassette Wrench

PDF details the range of sizes available for each Cassette Link

Download Torque Chart for
Low Profile Hex Cassette Wrench

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