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Hydraulic Torque Wrench - Square drive


Delivered Australia Wide

Wren square drive torque wrench

Torque from 134 to 53,100 ft lbs
                    182 to 70,000 Nm
Square Drives - 3/4",  1",  1-1/2",  2-1/2"

WREN Hydraulic Torque Wrench tools : powerful high torque solutions. Hydraulic Torque Wrenches achieve the perfect features of power, balance, quality, & price. TheHydraulic Square Drive torque wrenches used with impact sockets or in-hex driver-sockets.
The serious Workhorse for Heavy Industry shutdowns.

WREN IBT SERIES Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

WREN IBT-3 Torque Wrench

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Model Square
Torque Output Weight KG
Ft Lbs NM
IBT-1 3/4" 134 to 1344 182 to 1821 2.5
IBT-3 1" 328 to 3278 444 to 4442 5
IBT-5 1 1/2" 547 to 5470 741 to 7412 8
IBT-8 1 1/2" 783 to 7831 1061 to 10,611 11
IBT-10 1 1/2" 1127 to 11,272 1527 to 15,274 15
IBT-20 2 1/2" 1937 to 19,370 2625 to 26,247 26
IBT-25 2 1/2" 2523 to 25,226 3419 to 34,182 35
IBT-35 2 1/2" 3535 to 35,354 4790 to 47,905 50
IBT-50 2 1/2" 5230 to 52,300 7087 to 70,867 87
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Hydraulic Torque Wrench Square Drive Series

Hydraulic Torque wrench applicationHydraulic Torque wrenches are the lightest, smallest, most powerful and most accurate torque tool for use in Industrial maintenance environments. 1-1/2" Torque wrench applicationCompared with Pneumatic Nut Runners, these Torque Wrenches are half the size & weight with double the power, accuracy and reliability. Hydraulic torque wrenches have the perfect balance of features, quality, price & design.

Hire Rent Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Wrench delivered Aust Wide.
From 82 to 53,000 ftlbs Torque with Square Drives from 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", to 2-1/2".

WREN: the worlds biggest manufacturer of Hydraulic Torque Tools, with ISO9001:2000 certification. Service, Calibration, Support & 1 year Warranty is backed direct through the importer. Quality guaranteed!

The WREN Series of Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Wrenches offer a smart design, created from aluminum-titanium alloy for super strength compact size, and steel alloy for strength, durability while ensuring minimum weight.

This is a tough, seriousTool for INDUSTRIAL applications, serviced by experienced people.
HTTA is a Distributor of WREN Hydraulic Torque wrenches. We have spare parts and large stock held in Aust, with workshops around the country.
Full Calibration Services are offered for all Tools regardless of Brand.


Torque Wrench Hire case solution
All our Torque Wrenches HIRE with 240V or Air Hydraulic Pump, 5m Hose,
Impact Sockets & Calibrated Torque Chart = shipped in a Weatherproof, Lockable Case

Delivered Australia Wide

torque wrench shipping box Weatherproof Case

Hydraulic Torque Wrench - the hydraulic spanner!

WREN Tool sizesOperated by a Hydraulic Cylinder within the tool-body, this pushes through the ratchet gear, directly connected to the Square drive. With minimum moving parts, the hydraulic power is conveyed to the socket. Driven by High-Pressure Hydraulic pump via 4:1 flexible hoses. These pumps use a Variable pressure regulator - 1,500psi to 10,000psi . By changing this pressure you control the torque output. A Torque Chart showing calibrated Torque & Pressure figures for torque setting sets the range of each tool. Once set, the tool will stop or stall the tool to the pre-set pressure: thus the set torque is achieved.

These Tools use only Impact Sockets with a thicker wall size designed for the high Torque pressures. Square Drive Sizes start from 1/3" up to 2-1/2" . There are nine tool sizes in total giving from 180 to 70,000 Nm (130 to 52,000 Ft Lbs ).

Hydraulic torque tools have the highest torque repeatability and accuracy as there are less external variables. These tools easily achieve + or - 3% accuracy torque or better. With Repeatability around 1% to 3%.

Hydraulic Torque tools are Operator friendly, don't rely on Operator effort or high air pressures. The Hydraulic Power driving them is much more reliable and consistent. Hydraulic torque tools offer the greatest output for their weight and size. These attributes made them to Heavy Industry Tool of choice and very popular. They offer production increases for simple light industry tasks, major maintenance shutdown applications right through upto the heaviest Industry needs.

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