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HIRE Torque Wrenches


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-delivered Australia wide

WREN Square drive
Torque Wrenches
cassette wrench
Hex Cassette
Torque Wrenches
RAD nut runner
RAD Nut Runner
Electric hydraulic pump
Pumps & Hoses
impact sockets
Impact Sockets
Reaction Arm Options
Reaction Arm



Hydraulic high torque wrench hire solution!

Hydraulic torque tools dominate in the industrial environment. They offer the best power to weight and torque accuracy of any torque tooling. These tools are powerful, lightweight, compact and designed for heavy duty. All Torque Wrenches hire with Hydraulic Pump, Hose, Impact Sockets & Calibrated Torque Chart, shipped in a Weatherproof Tool Case.

Air Nut Runner torque wrench hire solution!

RAD offer a large range of Air Nut Runners to improve torque speed. With Torque accuracy of +/ - 5%, Pneumatic torque wrenches are popular in Mining, Petrochemical and Earth Moving. Pneumatic nutrunners are perfect where speed and torque are required. RAD Torque tools speed up assembly and disassembly times. The RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrench offer less vibration than rattle guns making OH&S justification easy. RAD tools use either shop air, batteries or 240 Volt. 

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